The biographical book by Ursula King, Spirit of Fire: The Life and Vision of Teilhard de Chardin, is the best I’ve yet read about Teilhard and I highly recommend it.

Teilhard’s vision emanated from his scientific work, which was extensive, and his Jesuit calling, which was deep; resulting in a science/religion synthesis Catholicism has not yet caught up to; that Christ is at the center of evolution and the continuing process carries us all—matter/spirit—to convergence.

A quote from Building the Earth:

“Human Energy presents itself to our view as the term of a vast process in which the whole mass of the universe is involved. In us, the evolution of the world towards the spirit becomes conscious. From that moment, our perfection, our interest, our salvation as elements of creation can only be to press on with this evolution with all our strength. We cannot yet understand exactly where it will lead us, but it would be absurd for us to doubt that it will lead us towards some end of supreme value. From this there finally emerges in our twentieth century human consciousness, for the first time since the awakening of life on earth, the fundamental problem of Action. No longer, as in the past, for our small selves, for our small family, our small country; but for the salvation and the success of the universe, how must we, modern men, organize around us for the best, the maintenance, distribution and progress of human energy?” (pp 67-68)

(Pierre Teilhard de Chardin(1965). Building the Earth. Dimension Books: Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

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