An excellent one in response to an out-of-touch-with-reality liberal bishop calling upon the young to hug a homeless—which could very often lead to very bad things happening to the young—by an in-touch-with-reality conservative; from Remnant Newspaper.

An excerpt.

Perhaps, the decades of investigating and searching for missing and abducted children around the world provided me insight into the dangers to children. Perhaps, knowing the tactics and stories of sexual predators heightens my concern over naive and gullible adults, who place children and teens in dangerous and compromising situations.

Perhaps, knowing the vulnerability of young people who engage street people, whether the mentally ill or homeless, imperils their safety and well-being. Perhaps, the years of investigating thugs, posing as street people, who prey on impressionable children and teens by luring them into human trafficking, drugs and other violent crimes, influences my opinion about the bizarre and troubling catechetical advice given by an American bishop at World Youth Day in Poland.

I am sure this bishop is a decent fellow. Yet his lecture and views not only amplifies the profound absurdity of the mercy mantra perpetuated by Francis and his fellow bishops, but it poses a grave risk to children.

At World Youth Day in Poland, Bishop Frank Caggiano of Bridgeport, Connecticut followed the dictates of the Jubilee Year of Mercy with his ‘catechetical lecture’ on mercy, demonstrating the inanity and idiocy of the Francis mercy mania. Bishop Caggiano shockingly instructed 150 young people that giving $1 to a homeless person that you see on the street is not enough as a Catholic and advocated a dangerous practice in the name of ‘mercy. ’ As Bishop Caggiano pointed out, “My friends, that may be good enough for the world, but that’s not good enough for Jesus Christ. That is not what we are being called to do. We are being called to more than that,” Bishop Caggiano explained.

And then invoking that unforgettable phrase summoned incessantly by Pope Francis, Bishop Caggiano displayed and acted out the truly merciful Catholic actions toward the homeless person.

“You get down on your knees and put your hands under them and you bring them close to you and you lift them up,” he said. “And the smell of the sheep is when your heart and their heart are so close that they touch.” Touching, eh?