No wonder so many people see the Catholic Church as corrupt when horrors like this continue, as reported by SNAP Network, and thank God for their apostolate.

An excerpt.

Statement by Joelle Casteix of Orange County, SNAP volunteer western regional director, 949 322 7434,

A San Diego priest who vanished after pleading guilty to committing “sexual battery” against and “unlawful sexual touching” of a teenager has just been put in charge of three Oklahoma churches apparently with no warning to parishioners.

This is a stunningly irresponsible and hurtful move by both Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul Coakley and by San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy.

In 2012, Fr. Jose Alexis Davila was sentenced to three years’ probation and ordered to stay away from a 19-year-old he victimized in the San Diego Diocese. Catholic officials there were harshly criticized for putting him back in a parish after he admitted his guilt.

Later that year, Fr. Alexis Davila was gone.

But late last month, Coakley said he was putting Fr. Alexis Davila at three Oklahoma parishes. Since December 2015, Fr. Alexis Davila has apparently worked at Blessed Sacrament Parish in Lawton, OK.

San Diego Catholic officials should insist that Fr. Alexis Davila be put him in a remote, secure, independent and professionally run treatment center for sex offenders. Bishop McElroy aggressively use parish bulletins, church websites and pulpit announcements to seek out others who may have information or suspicions about Fr. Alexis Davila and who may be able

We realize that Bishop McElroy wasn’t overseeing the San Diego diocese when Fr. Alexis Davila committed his offenses. But he has a moral and civic duty to see if there are others in his flock who are still suffering from the cleric’s crimes.

The bishop will probably say that Fr. Alexis Davila officially belongs to some other diocese now. That’s a cop-out. San Diego Catholic officials can’t wash their hands of criminal clergy just by sending them down the road.