Powerful indictments, strong reading from Randy Engel at Renew America.

An excerpt.

This Pope Had It Right

The hunchback Catholic poet Alexander Pope understood the nature of vice. So did Saint Peter Damian, as his master work on the vice of sodomy, The Book of Gomorrah, which I reviewed in Part I of this series, so clearly demonstrates. After a half-century of bombardment by pro-homosexual propaganda emanating from the Vatican, especially from the current occupant of the Chair of Peter, and Nervous Order pulpits world-wide, the average Catholic sitting in the pews has been stripped of his natural revulsion of the vice of sodomy and has, in various degrees, “embraced” sodomy and the sodomite. Not only have many Catholics lost their sense of sin. They have also lost their sense of the dangers of perversion. Benedict XVI, who apparently has never read Peter Damian’s works on sodomy and pederasty advised the flock that back in the 1970s, “pedophilia” wasn’t considered the “absolute evil” it is today, and assured his fleeced sheep that homosexuality and pedophilia [actually pederasty] “are two different things, not to be compared or confused.”

His successor, Francis I, has gone the extra mile in desensitizing Catholics and others to spiritual horror of sodomy by using the politically-affirming term “gay,” and by insisting, like Benedict, that homosexuality is a “completely different thing” than pedophilia (actually pederasty).

Oswald Cardinal Gracias on Embracing Sodomy

Cardinal Gracias is the Archbishop of Bombay, President of India’s Episcopal Conference, a member of Francis’ exclusive Council of Nine, and an advocate for homosexual, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender civil rights, the decriminalization of sodomy, and better pastoral care for “sexual minorities” and the LGBT Movement, that is the Homosexual Collective, or the “Gay Lobby,” a term which Francis loves to refer to in his spontaneous and careless pronouncements on Catholic morality. The cardinal was the only religious leader in India to oppose the re-criminalization of sodomy in his nation when the legislation was introduced.

During the 2015 Synod on Marriage and the Family, Cardinal Gracias granted an interview to New Ways Ministry’s Executive Director Francis DeBernardo. The interview was later published in NWM’s newspaper, Bondings [double entendre], under the title “Cardinal Gracias to LGBT People: ‘Church Embraces You, Wants You, Needs You.'” DeBernardo was in Rome to deliver a keynote address at the Conference on Religion and Homosexuality at the first World Pride Week.

When Gracias was asked about the Church laying out the LGBT mat for the Homosexual Collective to wipe its feet on, the cardinal replied it would be wrong not to be “welcoming.” On the subject of establishing parishes with special ministries for the LGBT community, Gracias was asked what advice he would give people working with a broad range of sexual deviants, the cardinal deferred to the parishes and pastors for answers on a “pastoral” approach to the situation.

Apparently comfortable with the politics of “coming up,” the cardinal said he would say Mass for “gay associations” if asked.

“Goodness” and “sincerity” and “generosity” were some of the “gifts” that LGBT people bring to the Church table, Gracias said.

Regarding reports that some bishops wish to eliminate words like “disorder” and “evil” from Church references to homosexual thoughts, words and deeds, the cardinal said that we need “gentler language” not “judgmental language.” He also expressed sorrow that the Synod fathers did not agree to hear homosexual partners talk of their shared life experiences.