As this horror story from USA Today reports, adding another link to the chain dragging down the institutional Church, though the Divine Church Christ founded, the Church in the hearts and minds of the faithful Catholic, will never be destroyed.

An excerpt.

St. PAUL, Minn. — Father Finian McDonald, who for years worked as a counselor at St. John’s University, had sex with at least 200 people and paid child prostitutes for sex while abroad, according to documents released on Tuesday.

Attorney Jeff Anderson released the personnel files of five monks and priests who were part of St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville.

The five, including two who are now deceased, were previously listed by St. John’s Abbey as credibly accused of child sexual abuse. Anderson said the redacted version of the posted on his website, show that priests who admitted battles with sexual urges still had access to potential victims.

“What the files show us is a culture of permissive access by known offenders,” said Anderson, who for decades has represented child sex abuse victims in lawsuits against the Catholic Church and other institutions.

Among the documents was a 1992 psychological evaluation of McDonald.

According to the psychologist who authored the report, McDonald breaking his oath of celibacy and had sex with as many as 15 college students.

McDonald also admitted to the psychologist that he had stolen from church collection plates and paid young male prostitutes for sex while working in Japan. Anderson contends the McDonald continued to have access to young Catholics until five years ago.

“And he admits in the file an attraction to boys as young as 12, with no ability to control his sexual impulses,” Anderson said.

The other files Anderson released Tuesday related to Frances Hoefgen, Bruce Wollmering, Richard Eckroth and Tom Gillespie. Eckroth and Wollmering are now deceased, and St. John’s Abbey said that the other three are in situations where they’re closely supervised.