I hope everyone had a joyous Thanksgiving weekend; surely one of the best days of the year.

I begin the restarting of daily blogging with this wonderful story of our Holy Father.

It certainly appears to be the case that Peter heals—which should be no surprise—in this story from Aleteia.

An excerpt.

They may or may not have been miracles, but changes in the medical conditions of two babies who have been kissed by Pope Francis are certainly giving their parents a lot of hope.

Last Thanksgivng, Joe and Kristen Masciantonio of Philadelphia were thinking it might be their last holiday with their newborn, Gianna. This year they are grateful for every day with her and cautiously optimistic.

Gianna, who had just passed her first birthday when Pope Francis came to the US in September, had an inoperable brain tumor. On the day the Pope was to speak at Independence Hall, a family friend in the FBI invited the Masciantonios to bring the girl to a special area where the Pope would be passing by in his popemobile. The family was able to hand Gianna over to a security guard, who presented her to Francis. The Pontiff kissed her on the head, near where her tumor was.

Doctors can now barely see anything of the tumor on MRIs. Still, Joe Masciantonio is cautious about declaring it a miracle.

“We have a really deep faith, but the Pope doesn’t perform miracles; God performs miracles,” he said in an interview. “The Pope is a vessel for God and a spiritual messenger for us, and more people should listen to him because he’s a pretty inspiring guy.”

Masciantonio said his daughter’s tumor was already shrinking, “but what they can’t explain is the massive shrinkage compared to what we saw with the six rounds [of chemotherapy] prior,” he said. “This was unprecedented. … They were absolutely surprised.”

Asked to comment on the case, Legion of Christ Father Pedro Barrajon, a professor of theological anthropology at the Pontifical Atheneum Regina Apostolorum in Rome, said, “If you were to ask me, ‘Is it possible?’ I would respond: Yes, it is possible.”