Like most Catholics, the search for artifacts aiding in my endless conversion to the faith will occupy my entire life.

The way the search operates for me is often by hints and clues dropped by others, picked up through study, and so often a following of one line of work I admire to another connected to it.

For instance, just recently I was led in this way to the works of Blessed Father Charles de Foucauld.

An apostolate founded by a transformed professional criminal, Scott Woltze, after release from prison is founded on the work of Father Charles, and though I read his blog, regularly, I had not paid much attention to Father Charles until I noticed that he had been the spiritual forefather of the Little Brothers of Jesus, which happens to be in whose company one of my spiritual mentors, Jacques Maritain, chose to spend the final years of his life and where he wrote one of the best books of his great output, The Peasant of the Garonne.

So, this route led to more research on Blessed Father Foucauld, and an ordering of a book of his writings, Charles de Foucauld (Modern Spiritual Masters) from Amazon, and in this simple way, my vision expands, expanding my work, continuing my path to conversion.