The version I am reviewing is the nine hour, four disc extended version from Swedish television available from Amazon at

This is a perfect morality tale of the evil that is so often visited upon children and how one child, the central character, Lisbeth Salander, grew into an adult and dealt with the evil by becoming a strong, justice-driven adult with a professional vocation tied into her strong sense of justice.

It is about the evil in the world and the good, and in this story the good wins, dramatically and intelligently, all managed by Lisbeth and her best friend, an investigative journalist, the other central character.

I have watched this film several times, and enjoy it more at each setting, and I highly recommend watching it in the original Swedish with English subtitles to get the full impact of the intonation and vocalization of the characters rather than the out of synch English dubbed version also available on the DVDs.

I had originally watched the American version and was so intrigued I bought the three books, and after reading them realized how far off the mark the American version was from the original story so researched Amazon a bit until finding the Swedish television version reviewed here, which is totally synergistic with the books.