Being of Ukrainian/Germanic descent, this move by the current Ukrainian government is a welcome one to me, as reported in the Daily Signal.

 An excerpt.

KYIV, Ukraine—The Ukrainian parliament approved a law Thursday renaming the Great Patriotic War as the Second World War, underscoring a sweeping move by the post-revolutionary government here to ditch its Soviet past.

Also on Thursday, Ukrainian lawmakers passed a law banning the promotion of symbols of “Communist and National Socialist totalitarian regimes,” as well as a law granting special legal status to veterans of the “struggle for Ukrainian independence” from 1917 to 1991 (the lifespan of the USSR).

According to Ukrainian media, the symbols banned under Thursday’s bills include:

“The flags, symbols, images or other emblems, featured by a combination of hammer and sickle; hammer, sickle and five-pointed star; a plow, a hammer and a five-pointed star […]”

“The images of the Communist Party slogans, quotes of individuals, who held senior positions in the Communist Party (except for quotations related to the development of Ukrainian science and culture) […]”

“The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic anthems as well as ones of the other Union or autonomous Soviet republics […]”

Wednesday’s bills targeted what some lawmakers called “Soviet clichés” and painted Ukraine as the victim of both Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.

“During the commemoration of the victims of the Second World War, it is necessary to cancel the use of Soviet symbols,” said Volodymyr Viatrovych, head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance, in an interview with the Ukrainian news outlet UNIAN.

Abandoning Ukraine’s Soviet legacy has upended decades-old ways of thinking for Ukrainian citizens who grew up in the USSR. “In the past year we’ve done a complete mental reversal,” said Evgeny Oksanichenko, 60, a factory manager in Mariupol and former Communist Party member.

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