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Twelve Great Catholic Books (Alphabetical Order by Author)

The best books, in my opinion, about our faith.

The Spirit of Catholicism, by Karl Adam (Pope Benedict XVI said it was the book he grew up with, and it lives up to that billing.)

Introduction to Christianity, by Pope Benedict XVI (Extraordinary reflection on the Apostle’s Creed)

Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition (The source book)

The Soul of the Apostolate, by Jean-Baptist Chautard O.C.S.O (The source book for those who work in an apostolate)

Evangelii Gaudium, by Pope Francis (Our Pope’s Apostolic Exhortation)

The New American Bible, (2008) I love this edition and the words of Christ in red are very nice. This supplements my perennial favorite the Douay-Rheims, Haydock Edition.

St. Thomas Aquinas Theological Texts, Selected and Translated by Thomas Gilby(Essence of the Angelic Doctor)

The Lord, by Romano Guardini (Incomparable)

Pierre Teilhard De Chardin Writings, Selected by Ursula King (The essence of Teilhard, who will someday be recognized as a Doctor of the Church)

Liturgy and Contemplation, by Jacques and Raissa Maritain (The best from a couple who will someday be raised to sainthood)

Life of Christ, by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen (Classic)

Tranquillitas Ordinis, by George Weigel (Best book ever written on war and peace)