A superb article by Phyllis Zagano in the National Catholic Reporter.

An excerpt.

The hilarious online Religion Dispatches’ post of official synod on the family photos showed not a woman or child in sight. They called it, “You’ve got male.”

Such is still the case in Rome, and if truth be told, throughout the church and the world that echoes its attitudes.

While widespread academic writing by women causes the men in black to pay a little more attention to women’s intellectual achievements, the plain fact is that Rome ignores women. Vatican hard-liners and their international coterie of minions control the conversation as carefully as professional public relations men. That is, if the words come from a woman who might be slightly off their message, she is ignored or silenced or shunned.

That translates to no invitations, publications or appointments. The long, black tentacles of Roman power invade every area of women’s lives.

Of course, women’s inroads into academic circles, in secular institutions and increasingly in Catholic institutions are what percolate and spread around all those books, articles, conference papers and speeches by women.

Of course, the thick black wall seems to have a few openings now that the cappa magnas have been drawn back to expose some discussion, even dissent, in the ranks. That is healthy and hopeful internally. But what about around the world?

The simple fact of the matter is until headquarters’ attitude toward women demonstrates a decisive shift, the rest of the world will continue to question — and ignore — any Christian suggestion that women are made in the image and likeness of God.

It’s not about women in the Roman Curia. It’s not about women’s ordination. It is about women’s dignity.

Retrieved October 23, 2014 from http://ncronline.org/blogs/just-catholic/baad-news-around-world