I recently received and previewed two books I noted in postings on another blog, http://www.laetificatmadison.com/2014/07/professor-phyllis-zagano-and-whether-jesus-conferred-the-grace-of-the-sacrament-of-orders-on-the-apostles-at-the-last-supper/

I received Sr. Sara Butler’s 2007 book, “The Catholic Priesthood and Women” and, while it is well written, covers virtually the same territory that the Church has concerning women’s ordination, all three points (1. Christ called only men—he also only called Jews, and additionally, however, it is obvious—to me—with an objective reading of the Gospels that Mary Magdalene was of equal status with the apostles. 2. the Apostles affirmed it. 3. Tradition continued it.) all three have been well-disputed and—in my opinion—well-disproved by theological research, but Sr. Sara’s book is still of value as she writes from the perspective of someone who once supported women’s ordination.

I also received Phyllis Zagano’s 2013 book, “Mysticism and the Spiritual Quest” which is an excellent textbook presentation of mysticism from the perspectives of the major faith traditions introduced by members of their particular traditions and she introduces that of Christianity.