This new program is the type of tool police can really use effectively, vastly increasing their on street access to criminal justice information—giving them the potential ability to determine immediately the status of a person of interest, vital in effective policing— as reported by New York 1 News.

An excerpt.

Along with their guns and handcuffs, you might start seeing city police officers walking around with handheld devices in an effort to test out a new app. NY1’s Dean Meminger filed the following report.

Speaking to movers and shakers at the Waldorf Astoria Tuesday, Police Commissioner William Bratton says he wants New York City police officers to be high-tech with crime information at their fingertips.

“They will be able to access in their patrol car, on their walking beat, as they are responding to a crime. This is the future of the New York City Police Department,” Bratton said.

He’s talking about a pilot program in which officers will carry electronic tablets to quickly access important information. The NYPD’s deputy commissioner for information technology said that the program should start in a few months.

The tablets will use an application developed from the NYPD’s highly sophisticated surveillance and tracking system called domain awareness.

“He will see on his alert panel all 911 jobs that he or she is supposed to respond to,” said NYPD Deputy Commissioner Jessica Tisch. “They’ll get all of the 911 texts that’s associated with that job.”

That includes if anyone has been arrested or has a warrant. It will also track registered gun owners.

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