A recent post from the Crime & Consequences Blog reports on the efforts to stop this very bad legislation, if and when it comes up.

An excerpt.

In a letter released today, 29 former leaders in the Department of Justice, the DEA, and US Attorney’s Offices around the country urge Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell to defeat the Smarter Sentencing Act if and when it comes up in the Senate.

Several of the signatories immediately caught my eye. The first is former Attorney General and United States District Judge Michael Mukasey. I don’t know a single person in this town who does not regard Judge Mukasey as having anything other than the highest intellect, judgment and integrity. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that Judge Mukasey was a sentencing judge for 18 years, when mandatory minimums were in full sway. If in fact they go too far to tie judges’ hands, Judge Mukasey would be the first to know.

A second noteworthy signatory is former Deputy Attorney General George Terwilliger. Mr. Terwilliger was left the DAG’s Office in 1993, and for the 20 years since then has been one of the most sought-after criminal defense lawyers for sophisticated and conspiracy cases. A defense attorney of that long experience and high caliber is extremely unlikely to support continuation of a sentencing regime that savages present or potential future clients.

Finally, there is Peter Bensinger, the DEA Administrator during all of President Carter’s term.

The list of signatories is thus extensive, bi-partisan, and widely experienced on both sides of the courtroom; the majority now practice as defense attorneys.

I reprint below the entire letter:

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