As part of the kerfuffle around the LCWR with the Vatican, is the theology of a speaker the LCWR uses who says she was influenced by Fr. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin; joining many recent theologians—Catholic and not—who claim a spiritual mentorship from Teilhard.

What is unfortunate about this is that it tends to keep many Catholics from exploring the work of Fr. Teilhard, which recent popes have clearly stated worth exploring; even though Fr. Teilhard was refused permission to publish his works during his lifetime.

The signature difference between many of the theologians—Catholic or not—who claim a connection with Teilhard and Teilhard himself, is that Fr. Teilhard was a true son of the Church and his work was always centered on Christ; whereas most of the new theologian’s work claiming connection to him seems to be more connected to recent scripts from Star Wars and Hobbit movies than from the source they claim.

The same thing has happened with Pope Francis, as the media taking many of his statements out of context and building them into a virtual rejection of Catholic teaching rather than the deep expansion of it that actually lays at the core of our Holy Father’s work, another true son of the Church.

As someone who has studied Fr. Teilhard’s work for many years and still finding myself amazed at the depth and prophetic reach of this great Jesuit, I feel certain that someday he will be fully recognized for what he is, a saint and Doctor of the Church.

Here is a website listing the works of Fr. Teilhard,

I have accumulated all of these over the years and they represent a lifetime of future study which any Catholic would be richly rewarded by pursuing.