One of the arguments we made in our book, “Catholicism, Communism, & Criminal Reformation” is that Communist governments invariably degenerate into criminal ones once the judgment of history has shown the fallacies upon which Communism is based, which has certainly been the case in Russia.

Living under Communism creates such moral corruption, that the move to criminality is almost a step up.

An analysis of the legacy of Communism in the Catholic Social Science Review, notes:

“The disappearance of communism as a sociopolitical system does not imply that one can easily alleviate the consequences of the system for people’s lives and attitudes. Communism lasted for decades, with many people living out their childhood and adulthood under these oppressive regimes…

“The traumatic experience of communist totalitarianism has also shown how fragile a culture can be when it is subverted by a militant ideology. The rule of law was replaced by the arbitrary rule of Communist leaders who recognized no limits to their power. In essence, one could say that communism was lawlessness, since the individual was completely at the mercy of the state, or more precisely, the Communist Party.” (pp. 192-193)

The Catholic Social Science Review. Volume 18, 2013. The Society of Catholic Social Scientists,