The sexual abuse scandal continues to haunt our Church and a large part of the reason is its failure to deal adequately with abusive priests, as this case profiled by the SNAP Network so sadly documents.

An excerpt.

A Catholic priest who worked in Winona and allegedly molested several boys is now second-in-command at a diocese in Paraguay. And a victims’ group wants Minnesota bishops to reach out to others he has hurt and urge the Pope to intervene and defrock him.

Fr. Carlos Urrutigoity was accused of sexually abusing at least four boys at St. Gregory’s Academy in a town called Moscow in northeastern Pennsylvania between 2002-2004. At least two civil suits were filed and one of them was settled for $380,000. Scranton Catholic officials sent Fr. Urrutigoity to a church treatment center which concluded that he “should be removed from active ministry and his (priestly) faculties should be revoked.”

But last week, a Boston-based research group called disclosed that Fr. Urrutigoity is now in the Diocese of Ciudad del Este, Paraguay and is its Vicar General.

In the 1990s, Fr. Urrutigoity lived and taught at the St. Pius X Seminary in Winona. He belonged to a controversial and very conservative religious order known as the Society of St. Pius X.

“What could be more reckless and callous than quietly sending another credibly accused child molesting Catholic cleric overseas to live and work among unsuspecting families?” said David Clohessy of St. Louis, SNAP’s director.

“Ironically, a week ago Pope Francis complained that Catholic officials are ‘singled out’ and ‘picked on’ in abuse cases,” Clohessy said. “This case should help him understand why: because his underlings continue to knowingly put kids in harm’s way.”

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