During our journey towards becoming Catholic—being baptized in 2004—we spent a couple of years exploring Judaism with regular attendance at Synagogue, Torah and Talmud study groups, and extensive individual study.

The deepest value of that period came to full light once I had become Catholic and realized the unbreakable connection between the Old Covenant and the New.

Recently, I have discovered the series of novels exploring the history of that connection by the Jewish writer Sholem Asch, and have begun reading them in chronological order of publication, starting with The Nazarene (1939), The Apostle [Paul] (1943); Mary (1949); Moses (1951) and The Prophet [Isaiah] (1955); which are described in the back flap of The Prophet as “With The Prophet, Sholem Asch terminates the cycle of biblical narrative begun with The Nazarene and continued through The Apostle, Mary, and Moses, in which he has pictured the history and development of the Messianic idea to which Christian and Jew alike have contributed and which has become the common inheritance of our civilization.”

Sholem Asch is a wonderful writer, the books are magnificent, and I highly recommend them to you.