While these are two of the terms describing Catholics who see their faith differently—liberal and conservative, pre and post Vatican II are a couple others—the only real term that matters is Catholic; and it is possible for a Catholic to be a mixture of opposites, and indeed, that is what, in my opinion and I think congruent, overall though not always in specifics, with the magisterium, is true Catholicism.

For instance, I believe, in company with many from the liberal wing of the Church that the time for women to become priests is upon us, has been upon us, and will become reality someday.

I also believe, with many on the conservative side of the Catholic Church, that the traditional Latin Mass with Gregorian Chant is the most beautiful and fulfilling of all forms of the Mass and nothing else in the Mass lexicon compares to it.

I believe, with a significant section of the Catholic community, in retaining the right to an abortion in the case of incest or rape or medical threat to the life of the mother.

I believe, with Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, that believing in God and evolution is not only not contradictory, but an absolutely necessary joining.

I believe, with most of the Church, in the power of ancient Catholic ritual, such as the praying of the Rosary.

I believe that God knows what is in the human heart, and how the human being acts throughout their lives, and though belonging to the Catholic Church is the shortest way to salvation, it is not the only way, for only God determines the way to heaven.