This wing of the Catholic Church continues to perplex with its disconnection with reality regarding the capability of evil to act in the world—though they are right on with the women priest issue—and its own “success” in negotiating with evil; which is so well exemplified in this recent story from America Magazine by a former Catholic Worker reminiscing about JFK, Dorothy Day & Nikita Khrushchev.

He writes: “How can we understand that moment? The two most heavily armed leaders in history, on the verge of total nuclear war, suddenly joined hands against those on both sides pressuring them to attack. Khrushchev ordered the immediate withdrawal of his missiles in return for Kennedy’s public pledge never to invade Cuba and his secret promise to withdraw U.S. missiles from Turkey—as he would in fact do. The two cold war enemies had turned; each leader now had more in common with his opponent than with his own generals.”

And in the rest of the article, nor any place in it does he seem aware of the reality—that JFK gave the Communists everything they wanted in exchange for removing missiles illegally placed in Cuba, kind of like a robber demanding all your money and you say, no way, but, you can have my car.