Technology continues to amaze, as this from GovTech, and the applications for criminal justice are obvious.

An excerpt.

Purchasing lunch in a Muscogee County, Ga., high school cafeteria no longer requires showing a physical card with an identification number. All nine high schools in the county’s district now offer palm scanners at the end of the lunch line that identify the student and therefore allow cafeteria cashiers access to a student’s meal account.

The scanners have near-infrared technology, the same type that is used for Nintendo Wii video games. When a hand hovers over the scanner, it can identify the individual by his or her vein pattern below the skin, allowing the student to electronically pay for the meal.

Each scan takes about four seconds and according to an announcement from the school district, purchases conducted with the scanners have about 99 percent accuracy.

School Nutrition Director Marian Bone said this is the first year the district’s high school cafeterias have had this technology available, but so far, most students and parents like the scanners.

“They are so excited,” Bone said. “They think we’re so modern.”

At this year’s high school registration, the devices were available to take high-resolution infrared photographs of the students’ vein patterns in their palms. Each image was then recorded and digitized for the cafeteria’s computer database.