We recommend praying the Rosary daily, or as often as you can…and we favor the historic 15 decade rosary—also favored by Pope Francis—which you can find here, so this article from The Catholic Thing on the value of praying the rosary is very much appreciated.

An excerpt.

As our moral environment becomes more challenging, Catholics shouldn’t be caught flat-footed. John Paul II said that in Christianity: “Our spirit is set in one direction, the only direction for our intellect, will and heart is towards Christ our Redeemer, towards Christ, the Redeemer of man. We wish to look towards him-because there is salvation in no one else but him, the Son of God-repeating what Peter said: ‘Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life’”

To develop Christ as the focus of mind and heart in the face of so many contrary ideas we need various tools, both to keep our focus on Christ and to stiffen our resolve as we bear the cost of that focus. Praying the Rosary frequently does both.

As you know, in the Rosary we ponder the different events in Jesus’ life from the Joyful Mysteries to the Glorious Mysteries. But why focus on Christ? John Paul II says that “through all levels of . . . self-awareness, and through all the fields of activity in which the Church expresses, finds and confirms herself, we must constantly aim at him ‘who is the head’, ‘through whom are all things and through whom we exist’, who is both ‘the way, and the truth’ and ‘the resurrection and the life’, seeing whom, we see the Father’, and who had to go away from us that is, by his death on the Cross and then by his Ascension into heaven – in order that the Counselor should come to us and should keep coming to us as the Spirit of truth.”

This is how we become beacons of clarity in a world living in a moral fog.

The Rosary’s two main prayers are the Hail Mary and the Our Father. The Hail Mary captures the words of her cousin Elizabeth when she met the pregnant Mary. In this prayer, we ask Mary to intercede for us. We do this because as John Paul II explained: “the Blessed Virgin Mary continues to ‘go before’ the People of God. Her exceptional pilgrimage of faith represents a constant point of reference for the Church, for individuals and for communities, for peoples and nations and, in a sense, for all humanity. It is indeed difficult to encompass and measure its range.”