I’ve been following the Russell Ford story for a few years, exchanged letters with him while he was still in prison, spoke with him when he got out, exchanged emails and sent him Lampstand material, and I accepted his innocence.

Like many Catholics, I enjoyed his many articles and was impressed with the support for his work from prominent Catholics, and his long protestation of innocence has certainly given resonance to his prison ministry.

However, the recent information that has come out in the article from Aleteia has left many of us uncertain as to the truth of his past, though the court document Aleteia quotes, if it is accurate in its description of the government’s case, is pretty damning.

Catholic Culture’s perspective is a good one.

David Gray’s approach is productive.

The bottom line is: what is Russell Ford’s response to the claims outlined in the Aleteia article?

Until we hear that, we still do not know the truth.