In dollars and cents it is huge, in the scarring of the souls of those abused, directly or indirectly, by Catholic priests, bishops, and cardinals, it is incalculable. This article from Catholic Culture examines the dollars.

An excerpt.

“The clerical abuse scandal cost American dioceses $112,966,427 in 2012, according to a report released on May 9 by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).

“Only 56% of those funds were allotted to settlements ($50.4 million) and therapy for abuse victims ($7.2 million). The remaining funds were spent on attorneys’ fees ($35.3 million), support for offenders ($11.8 million), and other costs ($2.6 million), according to the 2012 “Report on the Implementation of the Charter for Protection of Children and Young People.”

“The clerical abuse scandal cost religious institutes an additional $20,139,384 in 2012. These expenses brought the total cost of the clerical abuse scandal to American dioceses and religious institutes between 2004 and 2012 to $2,621,516,566: $2,242,949,048 for dioceses and eparchies, and $378,567,518 for religious institutes.

“During the 2012 audit period, 34 minors alleged they were abused by a priest or deacon. The report found that six allegations “were considered credible by law enforcement,” while 12 “were determined to be unfounded or unable to be proven.” One was determined to be a “boundary violation,” and 15 were still under investigation.

“During the 2012 audit period, 887 adults also alleged that they had been abused by a priest or deacon in the past. “Allegations were made against 805 priests and 11 deacons,” the report stated. “242 are deceased and 287 had been named in previous audits, 64 had already been laicized, 172 have been removed from ministry this year, and 132 allegations were unfounded or unable to be proven.”

“84% of those of alleged abuse were male. 66% of allegations “occurred or began between 1960 and 1984.”