It continues to be the best way to protect your family as this story from the Washington Post reports.

An excerpt.

“In LOGANVILLE, Ga. — Melinda Herman was at home, working upstairs in her office, when she saw a man coming to her front door. Her 9-year-old twins were off from school that day. Don’t answer it, she yelled downstairs, as the doorbell rang several times. From her window, Herman watched the man return to his silver SUV. Instead of leaving, he pulled out a crowbar and turned back for the front door with the decorative wreath.

“By the time Herman called her husband at work to say an intruder was in the house, she had rushed both children into an upstairs bedroom and locked two doors behind her. She also had retrieved a .38 from the gun safe. The only place left to hide was a crawl space that led to the attic, and that’s where Herman crouched, with her son and daughter beside her and a revolver in her hand.

“Just remember everything that I showed you, everything that I told you, all right?” Donnie Herman told his wife, juggling phones. “Melinda, I’m on the phone with 911. They are dispatched right now.”

“Walton County sheriff’s deputies barreled toward the subdivision off Sharon Church Road, but the intruder reached the crawl space first. When he opened the door, Herman fired six times.

“The 37-year-old mother emptied her revolver as the national gun debate was reaching its most fevered pitch in the weeks after the school massacre in Newtown, Conn. Melinda Herman became an instant hero to gun owners facing new restrictions on firearms. While the intruder lay in a hospital, clinging to life, the National Rifle Association tweeted about GA MOM. The 911 tape of Donnie Herman yelling to his terrified wife, “Shoot him! Shoot him again!” played over and over on the news, fueling hours of programming on Fox News and radio call-in shows.

“Here in Walton County, 30 miles east of Atlanta, there was no debate. People went out and bought guns. More conceal-and-carry weapons, and more “home guns for the ladies,” says John Deaton, owner of Deaton’s Gun Shop in Loganville.”