In an excellent analysis from Catholic Culture of the new Perfect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, we are reminded of a bad tendency—one of which I plead guilty—of siding with one or the other self-identified parts of the Church, when the only true stance is with the Church.

An excerpt.

“You may recall the appointment of Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in July of last year. The announcement created a tempest in a teapot as both Traditionalists and Modernists loudly denounced the new prefect’s theological views.

“As I strongly suspected at the time, both groups were simply doing what they always do. They were attempting to create a mythology, or really two different mythologies, which would undermine Archbishop Müller’s ability to do his job.

“But when you are denounced by those who reject Catholic teaching on opposite sides, it is usually a very good sign. And indeed, since his appointment, Archbishop Müller has proven himself a man who thinks with the Church—a thoughtful exponent of orthodoxy who can see the kinds of larger arguments that must also be made to communicate the Faith….

“Except by way of correction, Archbishop Müller is not interested in “the left” or “the right”, in “Traditionalism” or “Modernism”. He knows that these are ideologies and aberrations. They are, in fact, elaborate mythologies. Adhering to them is like saying I belong to Paul, or I belong to Apollos (1 Cor 1:12). In contrast, Archbishop Müller is interested in Christ, one and undivided—whose body is the Church.”