This article in the Washington Post about gun control puts the most important results of recent polling at the very end—with 54% feeling the NRA has either too little influence or the right amount, and count us among the former—excerpted here.

“Recent polls have shown broadly positive sentiment for the NRA, but the new survey reveals a far more mixed verdict on its leadership. Some 36 percent of Americans express favorable views of the group’s leaders, while 44 percent say they have unfavorable impressions. A sizable share, 20 percent, say they have no opinion.

“A plurality of all Americans, 38 percent, think the organization has “too much influence” over the country’s gun-control laws. Twenty-four percent see the NRA as having “too little” sway, while 30 percent say it has the right amount.

“In the poll, 44 percent of Americans say there is at least one gun at home, and people in households with firearms are far less supportive of a variety of gun-control measures than are those in non-gun households. Some 45 percent of gun-owning households support a ban on assault weapons, and only 15 percent say the administration and Congress should make stricter laws a top priority.”