This article from the National Catholic Register profiles such a program—which sounds very good, especially using transformed criminals in leadership, and with good future results, hopefully, we will see more and perhaps also for men—in San Francisco.

An excerpt.

“SAN FRANCISCO — January is the time to make good on New Year’s resolutions, but that fresh start can prove elusive when you’re a job-seeker with a felony on your record.

“Monique, 28, is a personable young woman who says she plans “to finish college and find work helping troubled teens.” The problem is that 10 months ago, she was doing time for a drug charge, and she’s still worried about staying out of trouble.

“The predicament of finding a job, following incarceration for a felony, is all too familiar for Monique: her parents were both drug addicts and she witnessed their struggle to get clean, earn the right to get their kids back, and begin again.

“But she isn’t facing a forbidding future on her own. She can count on support from her fellow residents at Catherine Center, a Catholic halfway house for parolees, and a team of expert advisors who are helping her build new relationships and patterns of behavior that foster self-respect and independence.

“Based in South San Francisco, Catherine Center was established in 2003, after Sister of Mercy Marguerite Buchanan  and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of San Mateo County determined that parolee rehabilitation programs were failing to achieve their mission.”