The Marxist oriented movement the Church has been trying to remove from its position of influence among many Catholics for decades, see here, here and here, is alive and well in Brazil, as this article and photos from Tradition in Action reports.

An excerpt.

“At the Continental Congress of Theology that took place in São Leopoldo, Brazil, from October 8-11, 2012, some precedents were set for the future.

“Encouraged by the Pope’s recent choice of Archbishop Gerhard Müller, a strong defender of Liberation Theology, to be the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the main leaders of this movement decided to gather at a congress. Their aim is to give a new momentum to Liberation Theology.

“Their old Marxist solutions were again proposed  from the platform. At the same time,  some liturgical innovations already being applied in the Base Christian Communities were spotlighted.

“Among them is the self-serve Communion that you see in the photos above. The priest says the Mass, and, at Communion time he steps aside, leaving the Chalice on the Altar. Then he invites the faithful to come up and take the Host from the Chalice themselves. This allows them to put into practice the progressivist-protestant idea of the priesthood of the faithful. 

“Another practice is the self-blessing of the faithful, which you can observe in the first row below. It is another application of the same theory.”