The misuse of photos with Cardinal Dolan and the president, as reported by Catholic Culture, is exactly why Pope Benedict XVI would not allow photos of his meeting with Congresswoman Pelosi sometime ago.

An excerpt.

“On the web site of Catholics for Obama–right above the story blasting critics of the Plan B contraceptive—you’ll find a photo of Cardinal Timothy Dolan, roaring with laughter, with a smiling President Obama beside him, at the Al Smith dinner.”

And it is also why this article recently appeared in the Remnant Newspaper, where the author, Christopher Ferrara, comments on the invitation to the dinner, and the reasoning Cardinal Dolan offers in response to those who have criticized the Cardinal for inviting a president so intent on making abortion much more prevalent.

An excerpt.

“Quite simply, this is baloney. [the reasons given for the invite: engagement, dialogue, civility] The Church was commissioned by Our Lord to be a sign of contradiction to the world, just as Our Lord was to the Pharisees at the cost of His own life. To the extent Our Lord dialogued and engaged with unbelievers it was for the purpose of correction and enlightenment. But Cardinal Dolan will not be engaging or dialoguing with Barack Obama in order to correct or enlighten him. Rather, the Cardinal will join the rest of the crowd of jolly, faithful citizens in feting the man he has honored by inviting him to the dais, applauding his remarks, laughing at his prepared jokes.

“Cardinal Dolan asks: “What message would I send if I refused to meet with the President?” How about this: the right message. The message that Holy Mother Church will not dignify evil by providing it with a seat of honor; that the Church will not cast her pearls before swine; that the Church will not reduce to a frivolous social occasion what is really a combat—a final combat—between Christ and the Prince of Darkness.” (p. 6, italics in original)