Sadly, as this article from The American Catholic reports, that is the position the American bishops find themselves in now.

An excerpt.

“The American bishops are asking for a fight after having failed to feed, train and arm their military.  There is no way a single letter, as well intentioned and necessary as it is, read from the pulpit on a single Sunday, urging us to call our elected representatives, is going to save our freedoms and protect our right to practice the faith that Christ handed to us.  It will not help catechize the silly young woman mentioned in the Real Catholic video, nor will it educate the nation as to why the Church teaches abortion, artificial contraception and sterilization are evils.

“I hate to say this but in many ways the bishops almost deserve to be ignored. Truth be told, they have lost an immense amount of respect among the devout laity (the non-devout obviously having no respect for them). This is not a loss of respect for the position,  but for the men and the way they hold it; weak and timidly.  The result is a wasteland of liberalism and heresy that is to be found in so many parishes across our nation.  Now, after having the President of the US attempt to force them into committing mortal sin, they want the help of those few who actually believe, practice and uphold the faith to come to the rescue.

“Bishops, as Christ has told you, the world will never love you or what the Church teaches. There is no compromise with it (which is what has been going on for decades) because your compromise will never be enough. You will never be left alone. Those who claim to admire the Catholic “social teaching” will still call you bigots for defending marriage, and the faithful morons for actually having the audacity to believe the words of the Apostles and the Church Fathers about Christ’s resurrection.  Although a few do, all the bishops, and all Catholics, need to understand that WE ARE AT WAR….

“So wake up bishops! It’s time to build up the ramparts and start teaching solidly and uncompromisingly what the Church teaches. A good place to start, in my opinion, is with some public excommunications of scandalous “catholic” politicians who love to embrace  “their faith tradition” to garner votes but then pass laws that run completely counter to what the faith teaches ….but maybe that’s a topic for another post.”